Advisory Council

The Vision 2020 Advisory Council serves in an advisory role to the President and Provost to facilitate the implementation of Vision 2020 for Texas A&M University. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to help ensure that the Vision 2020 imperatives are important components of all University planning and strategic actions.

Goals and Charge of the Vision 2020 Advisory Council

The goals of the Council are to:

  • Review and evaluate the strategic plans of major Texas A&M units regarding their contributions to the achievement of Vision 2020 targets and goals.
  • Champion the imperatives and goals of Vision 2020 to important internal and external constituencies of Texas A&M.
  • Recommend to the President and Provost new programs and strategic actions judged important by the Advisory Council for the achievement of Vision 2020 imperatives and goals.
  • Communicate to appropriate external constituencies the criticality of higher education for the economy of Texas; champion the importance of establishing an upper tier of research universities in Texas and that Texas A&M be in this tier.
  • Periodically review the imperatives and goals of Vision 2020 to ensure their continued relevance for Texas A&M to become one of the top ten public universities by 2020.


The Council's charge is to meet periodically to assess the University's progress and development relative the goals articulated in the Vision 2020 report, including the four priorities emphasized on January 31, 2003:

  • Elevate faculty (Imperative 1)
  • Improve new space (New Imperative 13)
  • Diversity and globalization (Imperative 6)
  • Improving graduate and undergraduate programs (Imperatives 2 and 3)


Note: Following the development of a master plan, a new advisory council will be appointed along with a new charge.

Advisory Council Member Lists